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      StarLancer Demo Walkthrough
Monday, Apr 30  

Mission 1 Breifing

The Balma Treaty is about to be signed that will end the conflict between the Alliance and Coalition. To prevent such a momentous occasion from going bad, you have been instructed to patrol the surrounding space for pirate activity. If you find any pirates, destroy them.

To assist you on this mission, you have to backing of the entire Ronin squad and your choice of 4 ships. They are the Predator, Naginata, Grendel and Crusader. Check out our ships section for the full specs.


The mission begins with some bickering between your wingmen, and then you proceed to you first jump point. A scan is run and some mild ion traces are found. It is identified as a cargo convey. You then jump to it's coordinates to discover that pirates have taken it out. Now take out all fighters. Don't worry, one always gets away. You are instructed to follow it into an asteroid belt.

Upon arrival, 3 large signatures are detected in the debris field. They are coalition cruisers. The entire treaty is a setup and the field produces too much interference to get a signal out to the Yamato. Don't trouble yourself to take out the fighters, you jump out to a nearby base anyway.

As soon as you arrive, the base is under attack by Coalition fighters in disguise. We suggest that you hold back from the base because torpedo bombers jump in shortly after. Take out all the torpedoes, you can only afford to let about 2 hit the base. Once you have completed that, the station is able to send out a signal to the Yamato at which time you jump there yourself.

You arrive with the Yamato under attack, take out as many fighters as you can and be prepared, 3 Coalition cruisers jump in and launch torpedoes at the Yamato. (If you failed to protect the early warning station, the Kessler will be destroyed at the beginning.) Again, take out all of the torps if possible, you don't have much room for error. At the same time, the Yamato launches torps at the cruisers. Now, a very large Coalition class 1 cruiser jumps in and it launches it's torps as well. Take them out. The Yamato is out of torpedoes and can not take out the large cruiser. Just before the cruiser comes around for another volley, the Victorious jumps in and takes it out.

Phew, that was quite a mission. You can now land.

Mission 2 Breifing

Everyone has been ordered to fall back to the Triton stronghold. The Coalition knows that this is the last sector that the Alliance has solid control over. It is already suspected that an attack squad is in the area. You are instructed to search and destroy. You will be assisted by Steiner's Vampires.


Once launched, the Vampires and their carrier jump ahead of you. Now it's your time.

As soon as you jump in, you see the tail end of a group of fighters. An Alliance convoy has been detected nearby so you jump in to protect it.

You've gotten there first, but shortly after, the fighters along with a torpedo bomber jump in. Take out those torps first to make sure they don't hit the carrier. After it's all over, a Coalition ion signature is detected, but it's very faint. You jump in to investigate.

The very moment you jump in, a large carrier shows up in your face. Gamma wing launches it's torps at the carrier before it raises it's shields. That was one act of bravery cause they get their asses toasted by the carrier. Fortunately, their torps hit and destroy the carrier. All of a sudden, the troop carriers jump out. Take out the fighters. Now, take out the shield generator of the remaining cruiser so the Yamato and another ship can torp them.

Once that's over, the troop carriers are located. Jump in and destroy them, they have no protection.

And that's the demo ladies and gentlemen! You can now land.

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